David Banner tritt im Irak auf

David Banner, US-Rapper, verstärkt sein soziales Engagement. Nachdem er schon den Opfern des verheerenden Tornados „Katrina“ half, bemüht er sich nun darum, auf die schwierige Situation der US-Truppen im Irak aufmerksam zu machen. In einem Interview sagte Banner:

 "(…) That experience changed my life(…)There are troops who are experiencing situations we couldn’t imagine…Things are really hard over there and the Bush Administration really tried to hide the real number of suicides in the Iraq War. There have been multiple thousands of suicides. And I don’t personally agree with the war, but that has nothing to do with supporting the people who are putting their life on the line, or dying over there or fighting that war. They feel like people have forgotten about them."

Banner wurde von der United Service Organization dazu auserkoren, an verschiedenen Militärposten der US-Streitkräfte aufzutreten. Banner sagte dazu:

"(…)There’s nothing I enjoy more than giving back and expressing my thanks to those serving our nation(…)I am honored to travel with the USO and feel privileged to do what I do everyday. Regardless of your political affiliation or viewpoint on the war, our soldiers work hard and have paved the way to where we are today."

Er steht damit in Reihe mit Künstlern wie Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich oder auch Jessica Simpson.