Disstrack “A Fair One”

Die Auseinandersetzungen zwischen dem New Yorker Mixtape Phänomen Papoose und dem Terror Squad Chef Fat Joe werden nun anstatt auf physischer, auf lyrischer Ebene weiter geführt.

Wie zuvor berichtet, moderierte 50 Cent in Anweseheit von Papoose eine Radiosendung für Power 105.1, ließ die neue Single von Fat Joe "I Won’t Tell“ im Hintergrund laufen, während er über den Song spottete. Einen Tag später kam es schon zu handgreiflichen Auseinandersetzungen, als Fat Joe und Gefolge, nach einer Show in der Criquet Arena, North Carolina, in das Hotelzimmer von Cassidy und Papoose stürmten und die Fäuste fliegen ließen. Fat Joe trug bekanntlich ein blaues Auge davon.

That’s why I punched you in your face you fat motherfucker”, damit beginnt der Track “A Fair One” von Papoose, der kürzlich veröffentlicht wurde.

Er nimmt kein Blatt vor den Mund:
R.I.P. to Stack Bundles, I’m sad you had to go/Instead of you dying it should have been Fat Joe….I heard Fat Joe try to say he ain’t get snuffed/Somebody put something in his mouth my zippers stuck/His fat fingers cover the mic when he rap/So when he onstage you hear a lot of feedback/Man I hit hard as a d–k, believe that/Even Fat Joe was forced to lean back/This ain’t Hatton & Floyd, this ain’t the Giants vs. thePatroits/Hov & Nas, Beanie Sigel against Jadakiss/More like Obama versus Hillary, nothing/an intelligent black man against a woman/Baby your grandfather you bastard/You Lil Wayne’s son, he should claim you in his taxes…

Er geht auch auf Fat Joes Glaubwürdigkeit und seine Loyalität zu seinen Freunden und New York ein:
When Remy [Ma] got cut, you ain’t ride out partner/You went to Western Union and sent her 900 dollars/Talking bout your whole squad got a scar in they face/ That means they were facing the person when they got scrapped/Analyze where your scars at cousin/Your scars at the back of your neck, so that mean you was running/The jails don’t respect you, they know you don’t bang/Charlie Rock lost his eye defending your name/You ain’t even hold him down, this nigga’s a lame/No bails bond no commissary, this shit is a shame/You don’t look out for [Big] Pun kids, that’s bananas/You a girl, your name should be Fat Joanna/You abandoned New York/why your chain say I-95 South instead of I-95 North/Screaming Yadadamean and Dade County out your mouth/You ain’t repping the South Bronx, you rep Dirty South…

Papoose, der behauptete von Fat Joe und seiner Entourage angegriffen worden zu sein, behauptet in dem Track als Gewinner des Fights hervor gegangen zu sein, mit Hilfe seines Freundes, dem Baseball Schläger:
Niggaz tried to stunt on Pap/ I went in my Cadillac and came back with a baseball bat/They ain’t put that on the internet, I wore them out/Show me the video, I’ll point them out/I hit him with the bat, I hit him with the bat/I hit him with the bat, I hit him with the bat/ I hit him with the bat, that cat ran/They used to call me Papoose but you could call me Batman….Mad cause I got a street buzz/But I ain’t the first rapper to snuff you, Cuban Link was/You far from a G , to me you just a joke/Real G’s don’t cut faces, they cut throats/You walk around with cops, I walk with wolves/I don’t like no elephants in my room…