B-Reals erstes Soloalbum

Gerade noch hat B-Real sein neues Mixtape "Gunslinger Vol. 3” veröffentlicht, soll im Mai schon sein erstes richtiges Soloalbum "Smoke & Mirrors" folgen: "I’m trying to get it out by May…" und "…following that with a Cypress Hill release in June or July or something like that."

Damian Marley ist bereits auf B-Reals Soloalbum, fehlen nur noch Snoop Dogg und Ice Cube, die er gerne noch haben will. Der Sound entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Scoop D’Ville, Nalo Fredwreck & Salaam, Soopafly, Sick Jacken und Psycho Realm.
"On my record it’s definitely different from Cypress Hill", erklärte B-Real. "Different content a little bit, different sounds and all that stuff. With Cypress Hill it’s a certain formula, but with my stuff I had to be different, cause if I’m doing the same stuff, then I’m really not doing a different album, it would just be an extension of Cypress, and I don’t want it to be an extension of Cypress. I want it to be able to stand on its own, that way when the Cypress shit comes, that stands on its own too."

Die Arbeit am Cypress Album, begann vor etwa 3 Monaten: “Muggs is doing some songs, I’m doing a couple of songs, we’re getting Premier to do a few songs and a couple of other cats, just to shake up the vibe a little bit! It’s going to be a powerful record, I can tell you that with what we’ve done so far! It’s going to be pretty powerful“, mehr verriet B leider nicht.

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