Der nie enden wollende Streit

In seinem neuen Track „Pimp Slap“ feuert Snoop mal wieder einige Diss-Salven gegen verschiedene Leute ab. Natürlich stehen Suge Knight und sein Label „Tha Row“ ganz oben auf der Liste, aber auch Xzibit und Kurupt bekommen ihr Fett weg. Hier ein Auszug: „Now back to the scrub, it ain’t about Crip or Blood/ It’s about you being jealous of what I does/ Cuz I does it the most, the King of the coast/ In the paint playing post/ I back ya down like Shaq Daddy/ and bust on ya out the new caddy/ and skirt up Wilshire Blvd/ I’m not Xzibit, you can’t pull my hoe card/ I f*cked all your groupies/ while you was doing time in Camp Snoopy/ With the fags and snitches, no killers just b*tches/ and you was paying n*ggas off with all my riches… I got the word on you Simon/ you just need to start rhymin’/ cuz you’re the biggest star on your label/ and them other n*ggas are just crumbs off my table… A lot of n*ggas should have said it, f*ck em but I’m gonna say it for em/ Stop it, pop it, rewind it and play it for em/ This n*gga’s a b*tch like his wife/ Suge Knight’s a b*tch and that’s on my life… Your rappers and artists tell em shut it up/ Cuz I’ll f*ck every last one of them up/ Especially Kurupt, see that’s my lil homeboy so he knows what’s up…“ So wie es aussieht, wird es den Track allerdings nur auf dem neuen DJ Kay Slay Mixtape geben und bestimmt auch den Weg ins Netz finden.