Hip Hop Lives

KRS One spricht über das neue Album „Hip Hop Lives“ von ihm und Marley Marl.
Außerdem gibt es die ersten zwei ausgekoppelten Singles zu hören:
"Kill A Rapper" und "Hip-Hop Lives (I Come Back)"

On May 22nd 2007 (during Hip Hop Appreciation Week–May 14th-22nd 2007) DJ Marley Marl and I will be releasing our first album together entitled "HIP HOP LIVES". I am truly honored and humbled to have worked with Marley Marl on such an important project for Hip Hop. All true "Hiphoppas" know of the history between KRS ONE, MC Shan and Marley Marl and I truly hope that our union sends a message of unity out to the entire Hip Hop community worldwide. This album is about KRS ONE saying thanks to Marley Marl, MC Shan, Mister Magic, Roxanne Shante, Fly Tye, DJ Red Alert, DJ Chuck Chill Out, the Awesome Two and everyone who had something to do with the legendary "battle" between Boogie Down Productions and the Juice Crew. This album is about refocusing Hip Hop and preserving "that original sound" that got everything started in the 1980s. This album is about unity and reconciliation. This is why Marley Marl and I reject any notion that our work "HIP HOP LIVES" is somehow an "answer" or a "disagreement" with Nas‘ work (Hip Hop Is Dead). Of course we knew that our album title would cause some speculation however, if our work must be compared to Nas‘ work Marley Marl and I would prefer that you see "HIP HOP LIVES" as more of a "follow up" or a continuation, a part two of what Nas has declared. Isn’t it obvious what we are ALL trying to do? Nas, Rakim, DJ Premiere, Kanye West, Buc Shot, Talib Kweli, MC Lyte, Russell Simmons, Afrika Bambaataa, Will I AM, Dr. Cornell West, De La Soul, the TATs Cru, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Ludicris, JS One, Rock Steady Crew, Immortal Technique and many others are ALL trying to refocus Hip Hop and preserve its original intent of artistic excellence, peace, love, unity and safely having fun. Isn’t this obvious? I don’t disagree with Nas-lower case "hip hop" IS dead! But like the savior that upper case "Hip Hop" is, true Hip Hop can be resurrected and this is what we mean when we say "HIP HOP LIVES". This album is about the rebirth of "Golden Age" Hip Hop. Our artistic aim on this project is to invite a large percentage of Hip Hop’s more mature listeners back to the table of classic beats and rhymes. Hip Hop is older now and its music and subject matters should reflect its maturity. This is why Marley Marl and I chose to lead our project with the song "Kill A Rapper" which raises questions as to why so many "rap" homicides go unresolved. On May 22nd 2007 pick up a copy of "HIP HOP LIVES" written by KRS ONE and produced by Marley Marl. And remember, we are not just doing Hip Hop; WE ARE HIP HOP! The movement continues…