Cosmic verlässt Looptroop!

Cosmic, DVSG Rocker seit dem ersten Tag, verlässt die schwedische Vorzeige-Crew Looptroop.
Es gibt keinen Beef oder sonstige Streitereien. Cosmic verläßt aus 100 prozentiger eigener Entscheidung die Crew. Das ständige Touren und im Rampenlicht Stehen hat seine Spuren hinterlassen und Cosmic zu dieser Entscheidung bewogen. Checkt die komplette Stellungnahme:

To all fans!
It’s now official. I (Cosmic) am leaving the music and Looptroop from now on. There is no beef within the group that made me come to this. I still love the guys like they were my own brothers. Neither have I been influenced from anyone outside. This is 100% my own decision.

You may think that there’s no actual reason for this and maybe there isn’t, more than I’m just tired of a life in the spotlight. Ok, there haven’t been a Hollywood kind of life. More of a pretty quiet Västerås life but that has still been enough. Add that up with beeing away from your family 250 days a year and I’m getting pretty amazed myself that I’ve managed to do this all these years. I mean, I don’t even like to travel. Not performing on stage either.

I’m still a DVSG soldier though and will continue to work with the web shop and merchandise which we’ll improve this year so we’ll be able to offer you even more, better and doper gear. More on that matter later on.

The troop is now recording their fourth album and it’s gonna be bangin‘ of course. I’m on a couple of tracks which is the last ones I recorded. So with that album an era comes to an end and a new exciting begins. Both for the Looptroop Rockers and for me personally.