50 & Murda Mase

Gestern Jada, heute Mase
Wie nun seit einiger Zeit bekannt ist, gehört Mase offiziell zur G-Unit Clique. Dass der gute Pastor seitdem wieder härtere Töne anschlägt, ist auch bekannt. So konnte man auf diversen Mixtapes Disses gegen u.a. seinen Mentor Diddy, Fabolous, Loon, Brandy ud N.Y. Knicks Baller Quentin Richardson hören. Lines a-la "I’ll have hoes back of the church humming your name" erinnern nicht von ungefähr an die alte Murda Mase Zeit. Motiviert wurde unser brave Pastor nämlich von seinem neuen Labelchef:

"That’s actually my idea. I’m actually not supposed to say this, but I’mma say it anyway. Me and Mase sat down and had conversations. I told him, ‚When you were writing Murda Mase material you sold 4 million records. If you can sacrifice for a moment … having people being confused with what your intentions are and have them think that maybe 50 is so evil you went from God to the G-Unit, that he got you thinking like that, it’ll all be for a greater win when you generate that interest of [millions] of people to deliver a record that has a positive message.‘ "

Doch um nicht gleich wieder auf zu harten Konfrontations-Kurs zu gehen, schob 50 noch schnell hinterher, dass Mase‚ Album nicht nur "Murda" sein wird.

"What you gonna hear when you hear Mase’s new record is the production caliber of a Get Rich or Die Tryin‘ and The Massacre with a more positive message. The concept of it is the phases he’s gone through in his life. Right now he’s trying to create the Murda Mase portion of it. While he’s doing it, I’m taking the pieces of it and putting them on the [mixtape] circuit so they can hear it. These things have been surfacing on radio. It’s such a dramatic change, like ‚Wow, you got a minister talking aggressive.‘ If you can get the kid that’s listening to that aggressive music to hear and understand your positive message, he actually did something."

Ob dieser Masterplan auch wirklich so aufgehen wird, bleibt abzuwarten...